1. yajifun:

    Photo book of Fukushima Prefecture : Fukushima Prefecture fisheries experiment station

    福島縣寫眞帖 福島縣水産試驗所 1908年

    “五一、福島縣水産試驗所(湯本驛の東南凡一里十三町) 石城郡小名濱町に在り明治三十五年の設立にして水産物の製造並に池中養魚を行ひ以て當業者に模範を示し近年更に西洋形帆船を新造し漁夫の練習と遠洋漁業に關する試驗とを行ひ以て水産業の改良發達に資する所あり”

  2. I found the idea in a fun English book for young learners and re-did it for a Halloween time poster for the English walls in my schools. It’s a very interesting book - I’ll have to find the title.

  3. Someone’s bird (falcon?) was flying around today. Word is he (she?) may be from Onahama.

  4. oioinaghitum:

    タクシープール: いわき駅
    Taxi pool at IWAKI station.

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    Look at these goofballs!  From the same Flickr owner of the bathing suit set I blogged earlier, there are lots of photos to go through.  And who doesn’t like old-time fun? Check out more!

  7. Images from the City Office of Iwaki. Pictures of Yumoto, Iwaki from Miyuki-yama (the small mountain right in front of Yumoto station).

    From the facebook post:




    投稿写真① 御幸山から見る湯本市街(大正時代)[Taisho Period, 1910/20s]
    投稿写真② 御幸山から見る湯本市街(昭和30年代) [Showa Period, 1950s]
    投稿写真③ 御幸山から見る湯本市街(平成26年8月) [Heisei Period, 2014)

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    何年ぶりかわからないくらい久しぶり!!! #iwaki #ハワイアンズ (Spa Resort Hawaiians)

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    スーパーひたち にゃう #osoreiri (Iwaki Station)

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    #花火 #fireworks #花火大会 #いわき花火大会 #いわき #小名浜 #iwaki #onahama #onahamagram #fukushima ・ by alfaperfumer http://ift.tt/1ubduH3


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    プロジェクトFUKUSHIMA! IWAKI!!主宰のASA-CHANGは今年もじゃんがら念仏踊りに参加し、新盆をむかえた方への供養と東日本大震災で大変な思いをされている方へ祈りを捧げます。





  14. hoto-cocoa:

    "In Onahama, Japan Project Okurie started years ago. Buildings that are planned to be demolished are embellished by murals.

    This is one piece of art at Iwaki Sogo High School where graduating students commemorate the building by leaving their hand prints in red paint creating the image of cherry trees. By doing so they said their farewells to the building they spent years in. “

    Although I think this would make a good stage for a guro game, I still think that it’s a beautiful image and a magnificent way to say goodbye. Very impressive, I wonder whose idea it was. I’m amazed ♡

    {♡ Read more about Project Okurie ♡}


  15. hopsii:


    A 14-year-old male harbor seal evacuee named Yukina returned to Aquamarine Fukushima (aquarium in Iwaki city) after 6 month. He was temporarily placed in New Enoshima Aquarium in Kanagawa prefecture since the Great East Japan earthquake for 6 months.

    Yukina hesitated to go into water at…